Kika Ortodontia

Orthodontics, Health and Technology

The Kika Orthodontics Laboratory has as main objective, to facilitate life, to improve the availability of services, planning, confection and logistics.

We pay the necessary attention to the difficulties encountered in the market and therefore work to improve resources for the orthodontist, such as Orthodontic Devices, Orthopedic, Aesthetic, for Apnea, DTM and today we have a very special line of work on individualization of biomechanics, especially in devices on mini-implants, as well as cosmetic aligners, bracket guide (indirect virtual collage), MARPE Guide, prototyping, CAD-enabled devices, clinical advice and many digital news for you.

We have always created good partnerships with renowned Teaching Institutions and reputable suppliers of consumer materials in the market, as well as a team of trained technicians to better serve them.

We work with 3shape technology in our scans, software and CAD systems.