Kika Ortodontia

Open Aligner System

Open Aligner System is an aesthetic alignment system for non-complex cases, and works in an uncomplicated way, where the client chooses how he wants to receive his aligners and what part of the process he wants to send us, being possible to request any of these services, which are divided this way:

  • Model or intra-oral scanning;
  • Digital Set-Up of anterior teeth by arch;
  • Digital Set-Up of posterior teeth by arch;
  • Digital Set-Up of anterior and/or posterior teeth by arch;
  • Model Prototyped by arcade;
  • Acetate pressing by arch.

In this way, our clients are free to request any of these processes in an INDEPENDENT way.

For the first movement, in addition to the standard aligner, a smaller thickness aligner is sent to the patient for familiarize with the system.