Kika Ortodontia

Model Prototyping

Model prototyping is a technology we possess with the use of the 3D printer, which promotes major changes, narrowing the boundary between virtual and physical, digital world and real world.

But how can this improve orthodontic work?

By attending dentists from all over Brazil, we are faced with a situation where time, quality and online dialogue are fundamental and thinking about it, we eliminated a phase of the logistics of production of orthodontic devices, sending plaster models by mail.

Besides the mailing time, we can visualize the file at the exact time of the upload and exchange ideas about the therapy, surgery, repetitions, etc...

A great advantage that is coming to everyone, is the replacement of conventional moldings and their problems, by intraoral scanning.

Well-performed scanning eliminates the distortion and inconvenience of molding, as well as facilitating the dialogue between the professionals involved in the treatment and even the explanation of the case to the patient himself.

Once the STL file (generated by scanning) is sent via the website, we work on this file with the use of specific softwares and we can print on resin without distorting the models of your patient and proceed with the making of the device.

Our printer works with a high precision optical system where the laser solidifies thin layers of resin up to 25 microns, creating high quality models, especially when working with mini orthodontic implants, as this gives us the exact size and angulation of the mini implant in the mouth, which allows us to make your device with a correct insertion axis.

We work with state-of-the-art technologies to make your idea something palpable and viable!