Kika Ortodontia

Virtual Collage and Bracket Guide

The process of virtual bonding of the brackets consists of positioning the accessories in the virtual models acquired from the intra-buccal scan or the current models of the patient.

The position of the brackets is determined by the segmentation of the teeth and establishment of the vertical axis of the clinical crown (EVCC), long axis of the tooth and location of the point EV of each tooth, which will be the geometric center where the accessory will be installed.

Often important in positioning the fixtures, we can determine the position of the brackets individually, either by the occlusal ("X") or by the individual preference of the orthodontist. For this, we ask for objectivity and clarity in completing the request guide.

"Bracket guide" is the bonding guide that will be received at your clinic for insertion of accessories. It is built in virtually 3Shape ApplianceDesigner software and printed on 3D printers, with flexibility resin suitable for removal.