Kika Ortodontia

Working Protocol

Service and Withdrawal of Delivery

Consult our routes of free service and scheduled withdrawal and delivery, other locations, the sedex is the customer's account.

Production Time

The production time of your order is 7 working days, counting as follows:

  • O prazo se refere ao tempo de confecção;
  • STL shipments with problems or models of plaster without production conditions do not count in the deadline of delivery;
  • Photos and files sent without quality, does not count in the term;
  • Plans are virtual products and are processed within the same time frame as physical products;
  • 7 working days for the production of the physical product, from the approval of the virtual product (aligners, virtual collages, MARPE, DIMIs);
  • The date of sending the files or the day of delivery to the post office is not counted;
  • Any information requested from the customer, such as the color of the device, type of containment or total precription, generates a pause in the production time of your order. Example: It takes 24 hours to make the prescription, it automatically generates one more day to exit your order;
  • For deliveries via collection services, these services can be delayed up to a week, due to the weekly delivery schedule;
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan are clinical responsibilities, so no technician can guide or assist in treatment plans;
  • Prescribe your device, which will be made according to your prescription;
  • Always make your prescription, prevent your order from being stopped!

Working Models

  • Shed into orthodontic stone gypsum;
  • EAlways send upper and lower models with occlusal registration.
  • Please check distortions and transfer of bands before sending, as we are responsible for the work on the model;
  • Notice of problems with the models, bands or occlusal records will be carried out via email and the respective models will be kept pending permission of the Dentist to make or return.
  • Repositioning of bands has a 10% increase over the value of the work and does not guarantee its adaptation.

Usual occlusal and construction registry

Please check height, advance and laterality before sending, since the models are vertical without changes of these dimensions, which implies in undesired amounts of advance, height or laterality.

Doubts about the type of occlusal registration, our technicians can guide you.

Work Request

To avoid that your appliance needs to be redone, fill in all the pertinent data to the case, both marked, described and designed, which facilitates the interpretation during the making.

For undergraduate and graduate students, please send the signed work request by the responsible teacher.


The technical planning will be performed only after the evaluation of the models with their respective occlusal registration, diagnostic description and the purpose of the device.


We only carry out repair of appliances made by us.

Extremely dirty repair work will not be performed.

Planning Changes

Please send the device (not used) and the new planning so that the budget is realized.


Please do not send models with wires or clamps holding the bands, as they cause injuries to our technicians.

Many arrive rusty, further increasing the degree of the accident.

We suggest that a drop of super bonder type glue be used to stabilize the band at its position in the inner portion of the band with the alginate.


Payment to the laboratory is made only via bank slip or deposit in checking account.

For everyone's safety, avoid making direct payments to moto-boys and / or employees.

Model Conditions

Please send the models packaged one by one and not in pairs, to avoid friction breaks during shipping.

Nomear cada modelo para evitar trocas de pacientes ou arcadas.